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Company name: Ivalua
Main office: 102 avenue de Paris, 91300 Massy, France.
Tel.: (+33) 1 64 86 54 54 Fax: (+33) 1 69 07 05 89

Legal representative: David Khuat-Duy
Website contact: info@ivalua.com


Users state to have the competency and means required to access and use this site. Users are reminded that fraudulently accessing or remaining in a computer system, hindering or distorting said system’s operation, or fraudulently adding or altering said system’s data is liable to criminal prosecution.

Ivalua shall not be held responsible for factors beyond its control or for the damage that may occur in the user’s technological environment, including the user’s computers, software, network equipment and any other material used to access or use the service and/or information.

Accessing www.ivalua.com is free of charge. Telecommunication-network access and usage fees are payable by the client, as per terms established by service providers and telecommunications operators.

Intellectual property

Ivalua owns, or bears the rights to all site’s components, including but not limited to the data, drawings, charts, photos, and excluding clients logos, which are the property of said clients.

Total or partial reproduction of this site, trademarks or of these logos using items on the site without specific authorisation from Ivalua or its assigned representative is therefore forbidden.

Site content

Information of this site can contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

Ivalua reserves the right to amend the content of this site at any time and without prior warning.

Ivalua disclaims all responsibility in the case of delay, errors or omissions in the content of these pages, and in the case of interruption or unavailability of service.

Ivalua shall not be held responsible for decisions made on information available on this site, nor of the use of said information by third parties. People wishing to use one or more services and/or products presented on the site are invited to contact Ivalua to enquire about the contractual terms and pricing applicable to this (or these) service(s)/product(s).

Privacy Policy

Ivalua is committed to protecting the privacy of its users’ Website. We respect your right to privacy and we are dedicated to establishing a trusting relationship with all individuals who visit www.ivalua.com.

Your personal data belongs to you. We have a strict do-not-sell policy that we take very seriously. This means that we do not sell your personal account information, subscriber details or contact list.

This policy outlines our personal information handling practices for this website. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so that you are fully informed about our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these terms you should terminate your connection to the website and not engage in further activities on the site. If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please e-mail us at privacy@ivalua.com.
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